Latex Rubber Zip Through Cycle Shorts

Latex Rubber Zip Through Cycle Shorts

Glued rubber cycle shorts with shaped pouch and zip thru from front to back under-crotch in shiny black.

Only £49.99 from Honour

Latex Rubber Zip Through Cycle Shorts

Latex clothing

Latex clothing is generally made from sheet latex which is cut out to a pattern then glued along the seams. Latex differs from rubber in that it has a more shiny surface and is generally thinner. Care must be taken to avoid tearing latex clothing when putting it on and a lubricant can help here.

Rubber clothing fetish

Rubber clothing generally is thicker than latex clothing and has a more matt surface. Heavy rubber is used in items of clothing where the restraining feeling of thick rubber adds to the wearers experience of bondage. Stockings and gloves are commonly available in rubber.

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