Leather Black and Purple Willie Whip

Leather Black and Purple Willie Whip

This whip is a has thick leather handle allows for a tight grip and the six plaited tassels will give a really effective finish to any target. Its fairly small so is portable you never know who yo...

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Leather Black and Purple Willie Whip

Black latex clothing

Black is the most common colour for rubber latex and other material clothing. It creates a sexy and seductive image and with latex clothing reflect the light well when the item is shined up. Black can also have a slimming effect is desired.Other colours are available, most notably in costumes and uniforms where a particular look is being sought after. Shoes are most commonly colourd in black to enhance a particular outfit.

Leather Clothing & Underwear

Leather is a versatile material to make sexy lingerie and clothing from. You can pretty much get any item from leather dresses and skirts to lingerie made from leather. Commonly, leather items are accessorised with studs or buckles to create a fetish and bondage look.

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