Moulded Rubber Tights with Feet for Men

Moulded Rubber Tights with Feet for Men

For those seeking total rubber encasement one-piece rubber tights with feet are the ultimate pleasure. Ideal as part of a two-piece total coverage suit they can also be worn as a single garment.

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Moulded Rubber Tights with Feet for Men

Moulded rubber latex

Moulded latex rubber is the process where liquid latex is poured over a mould, which is then dried and baked in an oven. Moulded latex is sommonly used for items that are hard or impossible to make from gluing sheet latex such as gloves, hoods and anatomical sheaths for male wearers. Sizing is even more difficult with moulded latex as a mould is used in its manufacture.

Rubber clothing fetish

Rubber clothing generally is thicker than latex clothing and has a more matt surface. Heavy rubber is used in items of clothing where the restraining feeling of thick rubber adds to the wearers experience of bondage. Stockings and gloves are commonly available in rubber.

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